5 Admissions Blog Topics Every College Should Cover

Posted on May 06, 2015

As students are increasingly turning to the Internet for answers, your institution’s online presence is more crucial than ever—and the driving force behind your presence should be quality content that taps directly into your prospective students’ interests. Thinking about starting an admissions blog or currently refreshing yours? Here are the types of posts that can really resonate.

1. Admissions tips and advice. The beauty of this category is that it can be kept broad enough to cover every aspect of the application, or be narrowed to focus on more specific areas, such as “3 Things You Should Do When Writing Your Admissions Essay,” or “How to Choose Your References.” Every student wants their application to be perfect, and by giving them a glimpse into what matters most to your admissions team, you can make them feel like they’re getting ahold of coveted information. (And who doesn’t want to return to a blog full of golden rules?)

2. News about your students or faculty. This can be about a group of students who were inducted into the Honor Society, or a faculty member whose work was published in an academic journal. Whatever the case, prospectives want to know that they’re learning alongside, or learning from, successful individuals. And as much as they probably know that your graduates wind up being successful or that your faculty members are experts in their field, it helps to see the evidence.

3. Alumni catch-ups. Whether you choose to focus on a specific discipline or highlight the effectiveness of a unique offering, hearing directly from an alum can also give prospectives the real-life success story they’re looking for. Knowing that someone else was in their shoes and succeeded can sometimes be more effective than the figure that accompanies your school’s job placement rate. It’s all about bringing those numbers to life.

4. The best things about your school. It could be the new Master’s program you’re offering in the fall, the top-of-the-line technologies your students have access to, or your dedicated team of Career Strategies personnel. Remember that the element(s) you choose to highlight will influence your prospectives’ campus visits and beyond, so they should be powerful and honest representations.

5. Where students love to eat (and that sort of thing). The quickest way to a student’s heart is through their stomach. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) The informal nature of a blog welcomes these types of posts, which are always attractive and relevant to potential applicants. It serves as a depiction of student life and culture, and can make a prospective student feel an automatic connection to your campus community. (Win-win.)

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