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12 Amazing Illustrations by Production Designer Greg Leguire
21 Dec
12 Amazing Illustrations by Production Designer Greg Leguire

Allow us to introduce you to Greg Leguire, one of our super awesome, super talented production designers. His passion for visual communication and web development helps him excel at all-things design focused. A graduate of The College of Saint Rose, his work has been featured in Air National Guard advertisements and in apparel design for

Posted at 10:57 am in Design by Shannon Sweeney

14 Apr
5 Guidelines for Creating an Effective Brand Mark

Many colleges and universities struggle with brand marks that were established decades ago. If your institution is looking to update, or even wholesale change your brand mark, there are a few time-honored rules to keep in mind as your team embarks on this sometimes overwhelming task. Make sure the person driving this effort considers the following, and that when brand marks are presented to you, you’re able to view them through a discerning lens and ensure they deliver on all of these principles.

Posted at 10:53 am in Branding, Design by Rob DeLuke

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