CCA at AMA – Come Find Us!

Posted on November 07, 2014

For those of you planning to attend this year’s AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Austin, TX, we hope you’ll find a few minutes to swing by booth 14&15 to say hello. We have a lot to share!

Over the past year, CCA has experienced truly transformational growth—in clients, services, staff, and even our offices. Our mission and vision have never been more clear, and the work we’re doing for our clients—from large publics to small liberal arts colleges to Ivies and faith-based institutions to specialty schools and more—has never been better.

This year, we’re especially excited to share the work we’ve been doing in inbound marketing, also known as content marketing. Recently, I was meeting with one of my clients about building a content marketing strategy with the goal of making a measurable impact in the institution’s enrollment objectives. During a pause in the conversation, my client looked at me, with wide eyes and a smile, she said, “I haven’t been as excited about something like this since the introduction of the TV.” Well, after I pointed out that to her that she couldn’t nearly be old enough to remember that, I had to agree with the sentiment. And that’s exactly why CCA is so energized about shaping content marketing strategies with so many of our clients.

A few things I particularly like about content marketing strategies for Higher Ed:

1. Right Time. Right Place. Content marketing delivers content the way we know prospects (who, let’s face it, are digital natives) are looking for it—online and on their own terms.

2. Good Stuff. Forget the old “spray and pray” methods of marketing where you buckle down, consider every possible bit of information a prospect might need, and send it all out hoping for a response. Instead, a successful content marketing strategy delivers relevant and valuable content—content your audiences actually want and who will share information about themselves, to get.

3. Measure Your Success. An effective content marketing strategy amplifies your traditional marketing efforts with landing pages, calls-to-action, and nurturing streams—all designed to maximize conversions—segmenting your audiences by what interests them most, and moving them through your funnel. Best of all, it’s all measurable. Don’t like what you see? Optimize and make it better!

But, this only scratches the surface of what a great digital strategy can do for your institution. So, stop by to see us at AMA—we’d love to talk to you about all of this more. Safe travels!

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