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Turning Your Higher Ed Institution Into a Lifestyle Brand
12 Jul
Turning Your Higher Ed Institution Into a Lifestyle Brand

Higher education institutions are becoming lifestyle brands. Yet today’s higher education communication programs seem to have fallen into the proverbial rut. Year after year, we see the same old things being recycled, as they try to get a critical mass of 17-year-olds to choose one learning institution over another. The days of treating college marketing material

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14 Apr
5 Guidelines for Creating an Effective Brand Mark

Many colleges and universities struggle with brand marks that were established decades ago. If your institution is looking to update, or even wholesale change your brand mark, there are a few time-honored rules to keep in mind as your team embarks on this sometimes overwhelming task. Make sure the person driving this effort considers the following, and that when brand marks are presented to you, you’re able to view them through a discerning lens and ensure they deliver on all of these principles.

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