5 Non-Marketing Things I Learned at #INBOUND14

Posted on October 22, 2014

Did you read our previous post? That’s where you’ll find all the important lessons that #INBOUND14 speakers imparted to their audiences. Here? This is where I, CCA’s content strategist Melissa F., unload the other things I learned at the annual conference. If you plan on going to more conferences, you might find these useful. Here we go. 

1. Get thee to the food trucks early.

Holy moly, marketing people love them some grub on wheels. It almost didn’t matter what type of cuisine each car was peddling. The lines at every single one were longer than what you’d find outside the women’s bathroom at a three-hour Michael Buble concert. But you don’t want to be the only marketer inside at the cafeteria, so if there are food trucks at your conference, skip out of your 12:30 sesh just a couple minutes early and sprint.

2. Have drinks with new friends, no matter how tired you are.

The new mom in me was ready to hit the hay by 9 p.m., but if I had done that, I would never have met the great people I did who were also in attendance at the conference. We ate, we laughed, we exchanged business cards, and now we could potentially collaborate on projects in the future—and that’s awesome. So if your eyelids start to get heavy, slap some cold water on your mug and keep going.

3. Charge your phone. Like, always be charging it.

Club INBOUND—a sort of central meeting spot to network, get refreshed, and relax amid the hubbub of the conference—was jam packed with charging stations. But what’s a girl with a 2% battery to do when she’s got no time to find an open outlet and a boss to call? (Note to AMA attendees out there, the CCA booth will have you covered in Austin. More on this in a future blog post.)

4. Bring extra business cards. And then bring some more.

CCAers were actually golden on this (#winning), but we were bummed when vendors and other people we met were fresh out of business cards. Pack your bag with as many as you can fit, because you never know what collaborations you might miss out on. (And “hey, write down this email address” is so blah.)

My Content Brings All The Leads to the Yard5. Leave your cash at home.

Otherwise you go to a conference and all you come home with is a t-shirt.
(Confession: I did actually buy that.)





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