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Case Study: Experiential Marketing for College and University Open Houses

Experiential marketing can do what no other channel or tactic can: Change a relationship from being simply transactional to a personal connection that is emotional and transformative. That’s the single best way to look at any campus visit experience. Or any interaction with your prospective students, really. From large admissions events to one-on-one tours, these […]

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Athletic Identity Makeover: The Cougars of Saint Xavier University

This one’s for you, athletic departments! In our Athletic Identity Makeover series, take a look at some work we’ve completed for various colleges and universities over the years. You’ll see that, to us, an athletic identity is about much more than just a look. It’s about demeanor. Pride. And courage. First up: The Cougars of […]

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Case Study: Best Practices & Tips for Digital Creative

You can have the strongest media plan ever, but if your creative assets aren’t top-notch, it’ll all be for naught. Need to brush up on best practices and get some new ideas? The creative—along with the media strategy— that we produced to promote Thomas Jefferson University’s MPH program generated over 1,600 leads in just 8 […]

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Case Study: How to Attract & Convert Graduate Audiences

Established professionals, career changers, and recent college grads all have one thing in common: they’re slammed. To get their attention, you have to meet them where they are. Tasked with driving interest and inquiries for the New York School of Interior Design’s graduate and continuing education programs, we got to work on a media plan […]

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Case Study: Marketing the Boston College MBA

If you’re going to fill seats, you have to fill your funnel. That was the task at hand when Boston College’s Carroll School of Management contacted CCA. At the time, demand for an MBA in the heavily competitive Boston higher education market had been in a downturn for almost a decade—but Boston College is a […]

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