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How to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion on Your College Campus

These days, just about every college and university has made a public commitment to diversity and inclusion. And for obvious reasons. Diverse campuses result in students who see a broader range of perspectives and possibilities, who can think more critically and with more nuance, and begin their adult lives with a deeper well of compassion […]

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Hire Your College Students: How to Create an Awesome Social Media Team

Pop quiz! Who do you think makes the best addition to your college or university’s social team?  A remote freelancer? Not really.  An alum? Helpful, but not the best. Your agency: Helpful, but not the best. Your mascot? Uh, sometimes, yeah… Your current students? Absolutely.  As an agency, we can certainly help with content creation, […]

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Our Best Advice to Find Your Institution’s Social Media Voice

Have you ever gotten a message from a friend saying, “LOL!! Is this you?!?! 😂,” along with a link to what looks like a video and thought to yourself, “This doesn’t sound like them. There is no way I’m clicking on this link”? (I hope you then texted or emailed your friend to let them […]

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Town-Gown Relations: Building a Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationship

If your academic institution wishes it had a more harmonious relationship with the city that surrounds you, you’re not alone. You understand that when universities and their host cities really sync, the benefits of positive town-gown relations can be plentiful, such as  increased capital and financial resources,  bringing in high-quality talent and leadership,  spurring economic […]

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How Your College Can Use TikTok Without Trying Too Hard to Be Cool

When someone on your college or university’s marketing team brings up TikTok as a new way to connect with students and prospective students, there’s a good chance that what follows is a moment of awkward silence, right? Someone says they will look into how to use it effectively, and the conversation ends there. Because let’s […]

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