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Three Innovative Ways to Improve Your Alumni Engagement

During a recent client campus visit, I had the opportunity to meet with the College’s advancement team. Just weeks before going public with their largest ever comprehensive campaign, the team was lamenting the untimely realization that the bulk of the College’s communications with its alumni were almost singularly focused on soliciting donations. Their concern, of course—an absolutely valid one—was that their alumni had grown fatigued, and maybe even disenchanted with their alma mater, feeling that all the College really cares about is the next donation. 

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10 Content Marketing Must-Reads

Get up to speed on all things content marketing, no matter how much or how little you already know. We’ve handpicked ten great articles that will tell you more about what content marketing is, and how it can bring you the results you want.

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Is Your College Still Accepting Applications?

National Decision Day has come and gone, but anyone in higher education knows that not every high school student has officially chosen where they’ll spend their next four years—and in turn, not every admissions office has sealed off incoming applications. In fact, more than 220 institutions are still looking to fill out their fall semester. Is yours?

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8 Key Things You Need to Know About Mobilegeddon

Pack your emergency kit and seal the blast doors—Mobilegeddon has arrived.

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Five Things to Know About Twitter: The Five-Minute Guide

You have undoubtedly heard of Twitter, and perhaps your college admissions department even has a Twitter account or two. But if you don’t use Twitter regularly, tweets often read like a strange jumble of code. Because each Twitter message has a limit of 140 characters, people are quite ingenious when it comes to packing as much information as possible into their messages. 

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