Coolest College Classes: A CCA Roundup

Posted on May 03, 2018

Whenever we get to know a new partner college or university, we love digging into their curricula to find out what they offer that goes beyond the expected. Those courses that friends tell each other about, the ones you have to take, the ones with stellar professors who bring the material to life in entertaining ways—that’s the good stuff.

Below, a few CCAers share what class they loved the absolute most when they were in college. Take a trip down Memory Lane with us.

Dan, Strategy: “I had a lot of wonderful classes and great professors at Siena College, but one of the most challenging (and at the same time, rewarding) courses I took was a Virginia Woolf seminar. I remember I had a difficult time adapting to her stream of consciousness narrative style—and with a hefty reading list of some of her most notable works, I wondered early on if I was going to enjoy it. But my professor made it accessible by challenging us to thoughtfully consider the sometimes complicated story lines and encouraging spirited discussion among our small group of students. My favorite Woolf novel: Mrs. Dalloway.”
Nick, Digital: “My favorite course at Houghton College was a 4-credit course in SCUBA Diving and Tropical First Aid. We took a three-week trip to Honduras where we spent a week and a half inland, studying the first aid portion (which is really just a Wilderness First Responder course, with some stuff thrown in about jellyfish stings and coral preservation). The second half of the course was on an island called Utila, where we stayed at a dive resort and trained for our PADI Open Water certifications before doing three or four open ocean dives.”
Darcy, Media: “At SUNY New Paltz, The Art of Negotiation was my all-time favorite course. It’s where I fell in love with the skill of negotiating which has become one of the most important parts of my job. It has also helped me in life—buying cars, my house, etc.”
Melissa, Content: “It’s a tie between two classes I took at Tufts University. The first is Hitchcock: Cinema, Gender, Ideology. I signed up thinking, oh cool, I’ll get to watch Hitchcock movies, but it ended up being the hardest class I’ve ever taken. We explored the meanings behind his films and what they still reveal about our society today—and the professor Lee Edelman was so enthralling that people actually applauded at the end of class. (Fun fact: Hitchcock makes a cameo in all of his films.) The other was Making a Magazine and was led by renowned journalist Michael Blanding. We each had a role on the masthead and the finished product was beautiful. It prepared me so well for an editorial career.
Beth, Creative: “At Alfred University, Printmaking was my all-time favorite course because of the ability to create artwork by getting my hands dirty but still with a structured process.”
Karen, Media: “I was a broadcasting/mass communication major at SUNY Oswego; my goal was to be the next Katie Couric ;). My favorite course was Broadcast Production, where I learned to enjoy the behind-the-scenes work more than in front of the scene. From camera person, to technical crew, filming the college basketball games live… so cool. (Oh, and I did have a short stint as anchor woman on the college TV station, but I was no Katie Couric.)”

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