Higher Ed News: August 2015

Posted on September 04, 2015

Want to know what’s happening across the higher education and marketing landscapes? Or just looking for some new reading material? Catch up with our July 2015 round up, then see below for our recs this month.

Liberal arts education prepares students for the futureMary Dana Hinton; SCTimes. “In fact, a liberal arts education may provide the best preparation for the many jobs that today’s students will face over their professional lifetime.”

3 Ways Email is Embracing the Trends That Were Supposed to Make It ObsoleteMarty Swant; AdWeek. “Thanks to the growth in user-generated content, segmentation and automation, brands are turning to email as a way of blending the best of today’s real-time data boom with the holy grail of personalization.”

Collaborating to Leverage a Historic EventCristal Steuer and Deanna Howes; Inside Higher Ed. “By the end of the meeting, representatives from 10 institutions volunteered to work together with AJCU to develop a multi-faceted marketing and communication plan.”

The Most Effective Strategies for Attracting CustomersKelsey Libert; Inc. “A survey of more than a thousand consumers finds that people respond to online content, search, and direct mail marketing techniques.”

A Competency-Based Educational Shift is Underway in Higher EdD. Frank Smith; EdTech. “Between the growth of new degree programs and massive open online courses (MOOCs), students are being given more options than ever to acquire skills.”

What You Need to Know About the Princeton Review’s College RankingsRobert Franek, The Huffington Post. “While editors, administrators, and faculty may all have useful information and advice to impart, only students can truly dish the dirt, and heap the praise, on what their schools have to offer.”

Why Content Marketing MattersRoss Crooks, Forbes. “More human brand communication is about creating camaraderie and accountability that inspires us to build better products and workplaces.”

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