Meet Jim Maximowicz, CCA’s Associate Creative Director

Posted on March 05, 2019

When we interview candidates for an open position at CCA, it takes a lot more than just an impressive résumé to win us over. We’re a tight bunch; it has to feel right, you know? So when Jim talked Gilmore Girls, Legos, and about his two kids after showing us his crazy good portfolio, we knew we found our new ACD.

A graduate of the State University of New York at New Paltz, Jim brings a veritable mountain of creative talent to CCA. With formidable experience in print, digital media, web design, and UI/UX, his expertise spans all formats and mediums. Over his two decades as a designer, he has worked with a variety of clients, from non-profits and small businesses, to government agencies and corporate conglomerates, and colleges and universities. He believes that while each client and industry is unique, they’re all looking to connect audience to content, and his challenge is to make that happen in the most creative and engaging ways possible.

Jim Maximowicz, ACD

If you swing by our Troy office, you’ll find him in the creative bay by the huge windows. In the meantime, get to know him through a few obvious and totally random questions.

What about working at CCA excites you? 

The focus on education is refreshing. Education is all about growing and sharing, and that naturally builds a community. It feels good to help these institutions improve the way they communicate with everyone in their community, from current and future students to alumni and beyond. 

Is there anything about your experience at New Paltz that might connect to your work here? 

New Paltz, both the school and the town, really helped me find my groove. There was an openness in the classes, and the community as a whole, that allowed budding artists and designers like myself to explore new avenues for our creativity. I lucked out and found the right school for what I needed at the time, but I honestly didn’t know all that much about it before going. I think helping schools to really communicate who they are and what they’re about so students can find their community is going to be a fun and rewarding part of the job.

Okay. The quick-fire q’s. Last book you read or TV show you watched?

Book: Ubik by Philip K. Dick. TV show: Aside from snuggling on the couch with my wife and the Gilmore Girls, I keep up with a few YouTube channels that revolve around political and moral philosophy, and automotive and metals fabrication.

Coolest photo shoot you’ve been on? 

A travel shoot in Colorado which involved snowmobiling through the woods for video footage, laying under jumps to get action shots of snowboarders, and spending some quality time soaking in hot springs.

Favorite vacation spot.

Locally, I’m fond of the mountains and forests of the northeast. But if I were to fly anywhere, St. John in the US Virgin Islands is a really wonderful place.

Sport you played in high school or college.

Lacrosse in high school, hockey as a kid. They were fun, but I came to prefer cycling. It’s meditative, in a way. You can really just live in the moment and clear your head.

Favorite class you took in college.

History of Jazz. Just a fun immersive dive into a world I knew little about.

Last one! Best part about having kids.

Watching them become themselves. They’re seeing everything for the first time, and you get to reimagine the world through their perfect new little perspectives. Also I get to play Legos all the time.

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