Quick Takes: Kiera’s Fondest Client Memory and More

Posted on February 22, 2021

Our team at CCA may be small, but our collective experience in marketing spans far and wide. Take our Account Supervisor, Kiera Lacy, for instance.

Kiera brings to CCA all the knowledge she’s gleaned from her days at Saatchi & Saatchi, Media Logic, and the Patient Experience Project, all the decision-making skills of a client relations professional, and all the enthusiasm of a NY Giants fan.

Get to know Kiera Lacy, Account Supervisor, in just a few seconds.

Your college & major: 
Manhattan College; Marketing

How many years doing what you do: 
11 years in the advertising/marketing industry. Almost 3 years at CCA.

What you love about working in higher ed: 
I’ve worked in some industries where some things never change. The higher ed landscape is constantly changing. Because of that, we as marketers in higher ed are always being challenged, and I love a good challenge.

Biggest client services misconception:
If you meet your clients’ needs, your job is done. While that’s a huge part of client services, our job is to put forth our best effort and recommendations, and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Special client memory: 
I have so many, but my most special client memory is from the JeffHOPE video production shoot for Thomas Jefferson University. JeffHOPE is a student-run organization that aims to improve access to health care for the homeless and underserved population of Philadelphia. We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the first medical students to participate in the JeffHOPE program. Hearing her stories and the work that they do was extremely humbling and it’s amazing that Jefferson is still offering this very much needed patient care to the homeless population after 30 years. 

Distinguishing characteristics of CCA’s client services team:
Our client services team has several of the traditional characteristics you’d expect: We’re organized, efficient, effective communicators, problem solvers, etc. What’s different about us? We are truly a team. While we may all work on different accounts and projects, we still find ways to work together and help each other on a daily basis. 

Describe the ideal client:
The ideal client sees CCA as an extension of their team and not as a vendor or partner. Our best work is produced when we have a client relationship built on trust and teamwork. 

Favorite industry e-newsletter: 
Inside Higher Ed 

Most memorable professional advice you’ve ever received:
Deep breaths, big sips.

Favorite restaurant in the Capital Region:
The Olde English Pub

Latest TV show obsession:
Workin’ Moms

How would you describe the CCA team:
A lot of companies tout that their team is “like a family,” but CCA is the first place I’ve found that to actually be true. We laugh, we cry, we work hard, and we play hard. There are no egos. We collaborate so well and we’re all truly dedicated to each other, our clients, and creating amazing work.

Fun fact about you: 
I’m from a family of 6. Our names all start with K (including our childhood dog). Yes, like the Kardashians. I promise we did it first. 
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