Video Shoot Behind-The-Scenes: Concordia University, Nebraska

Posted on June 02, 2017

In my normal role at CCA, I’m an Associate Creative Director. But sometimes, I get to step back a bit and play the part of traveling photographer on video shoots. Here, I can capture the shoot from two perspectives. The first: capturing great still photography that pairs well with the video content for use in all marketing materials. The second: capturing the behind-the-scenes perspective. I’ve always loved documentary photography, so documenting a video shoot makes these trips that much more exciting for me. Below are some of the images captured at Concordia University, Nebraska from both perspectives.

The first day we arrived, we had planned on taking the time to scout the shots we wanted for the the next few days. Luckily, we got a small window of opportunity to shoot the NCAA ranked pole vaulter. So, we set out guns blazing and got some really great shots, like these, before the rain hit.
You’d be surprised how much goes into even a small video shoot. We even traveled with a make-up artist.
Later, we headed off campus for an small elementary classroom shot. These little ones needed no guidance in how to act; they were actually quite professional.

I think my favorite part of this scene was fogging up the whole gym with a fog machine. The fog was great for capturing the light shining through the gym windows, creating a really warm glow on camera. I especially love this behind-the-scenes shot of VP Chief Creative Officer Rob DeLuke watching the teleprompter.

The highlight of the shoot was spending time with the students around the campus campfire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. No acting required with that one.

 And, finally, just a few more of my favorite still shots from the week.
For me, there’s nothing better than feeling connected to a client than through these perspectives. Need some photos of your own? Contact us today and schedule a photoshoot. We’re all ears.

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