Why We’re Going to INBOUND 2015

Posted on July 10, 2015

This week, thousands of marketers, writers, designers, and data analysts will descend upon the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for HubSpot’s annual inbound marketing summit, INBOUND. Aside from the obvious—an excuse to visit Beantown, the promise of 20+ food trucks to choose from for lunch, and the chance to see Amy Schumer in all her comedic glory—there are a lot of reasons CCA is returning to INBOUND with more of us than last year.

1. To present. If you’re already familiar with CCA, you know that we specialize in higher education marketing. And this year, I’ll be presenting at the INBOUND Education Breakfast & Panel on Thursday AM. Will you be there? Flag me down after the Q&A and say hello!

2. To learn. Fact: no marketer, anywhere, can say they don’t need to learn anything new ever again. At CCA, we know a lot about inbound marketing, (see #1), but we’re always open to education and seeing what everyone else is up to. Our attendees’ schedules are filled up with courses on everything from “The Changing Face of SEO in 2015” to “Using Analytics to Create Content,” because why not? In any profession, the best employees learn, teach, do, learn, teach, do. We’re ready to get our school on.

3. To get inspired. Like many agencies, I’m sure, every CCA team member has their own unique way of staying motivated to do their best work and being inspired to love their lives and careers. But the keynote speeches and Bold Talks at INBOUND? Those are something that can have a powerful affect on everyone, all at once. The ones I attended last year left a lasting impression on me. It looks like perseverance, courage, and leadership are just some of the themes of this year’s Bold Talks, and we cannot wait to see what speakers like Seth Godin and Aziz Ansari have to say.

4. To network. If you’re thinking about attending INBOUND for the networking opportunities, but think you’ll only have a short window to meet other people, you’re in for a treat. HubSpot is fantastic at arranging a packed conference that involves a lot of time for connecting with others. Between designated happy hours, seaport parties, and time in between sessions to introduce yourself and mingle with others, networking is actually a major component of this conference. CCA, for one, loves meeting new people. You never know who you could end up collaborating with in the future.

5. To have fun with each other. Networking with others aside, we’re also looking forward to enjoying each other’s company, away from the office, in one of the best cities in the world.

I think it’s safe to say, we’re pumped to go. Look for us while you’re out and about at the BCEC. If you haven’t registered yet, do it! I promise, it’ll be worth your while!

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