In addition to long-term and ongoing projects with our client partners, we always enjoy the opportunity to engage with colleges, universities, and other educational institutions on smaller-scale focused projects that target more specific marketing challenges.

If any of the a la carte packages below call out to you, let us know. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to get what you need and a great way to get to know CCA.

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  • Admissions Events Evaluation & Redesign

    Admissions events and campus tours are your best opportunities to convert students (and their parents)—if you’re putting the power of experiential marketing to work. We’ll evaluate what you’re currently doing and put together a customized and brand-centric plan for bringing your most important events to the next level.

  • Build Your Own Workshop

    Interactive workshops can generate valuable ideas you can put into action immediately. Interested in having CCA visit your campus to host one? From enrollment communication flows to content marketing, we can shape a workshop that’s laser-focused on your needs. (We also bring souvenirs.)

  • Asset Inventory

    So many photo shoots! So much raw video! And yet, so much of that content sits on the cutting room floor waiting for an audience. Let us take a thorough inventory of your photo and video libraries and create a searchable database. Now instead of a pile of unused footage, you’ll have video clips for social, easy-to-grab images, and an invaluable tool for your in-house teams and creative partners.

  • Logo SWAT Team

    Do you have an institutional or athletic logo that could use a little brushing up? Have a mark you still like, but maybe it could just use some modernization to be more nimble across new platforms like digital, video, and mobile? Maybe there’s a special event coming up (an inauguration, anniversary, speaker series, etc.) and you need some kind of promotional logo to tie everything together? We’ll put a crack team of our best creatives on the case and help you bring your visual toolkit up to speed.

  • SEO Site Audit and Recommendations

    Search engine optimization is crucial to ensure your institution's visibility in search results, but thanks to Google's ever-changing algorithms, it's an elusive concept for many marketers. Want some help? Whether it's your entire website or your most important pages, we can review everything from your content's on-page factors (like keyword coverage) to off-page elements (URL structures, etc.) to your technical efforts (page-load speed, for example). In the end, get a solid set of recommendations to boost inbound traffic and ultimately conversions.

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Other ways to engage with CCA

With nearly 40 years of experience in higher education marketing, CCA has gathered more than our fair share of case studies, war stories, and sage advice. The good news is, we love to share.

  • At Your Conference

    Need an expert to talk about the role of experiential marketing in college recruitment at your conference? Have another topic in mind? We’ve got you covered.

  • In Your Classroom

    Want to engage a creative professional as a guest lecturer in your classroom? We can give your design students a detailed walkthrough of a real-life branding project from initial concepts through roll out, or talk to your communications majors about new media and the role of social media in advertising.

  • For Your Content

    Looking for a good quote to add some heft to your article or blog? Drop us a line!

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