Bringing Online Social Justice Programs to Life

There’s nothing we love more than partnering with an institution that has a concrete mission to stand on—Adler University being a prime example. Named for Alfred Adler—a Vienna-born psychotherapist who dedicated his life’s work to emphasizing the human need and ability to create positive social change—Adler University carries on his core values of equality and mutual respect in everything it offers. On its Chicago and Vancouver campuses, that includes master’s and PhD programs in areas like couple and family therapy; forensic psychology; industrial and organizational psychology, military psychology; and art therapy. In addition to helping Adler develop a blog strategy, CCA increased the school’s brand awareness in the Chicago market and drove interest in its online graduate degrees through compelling, “call to arms” creative and a mix of high-reach media vehicles. Over three months, we delivered 71 million impressions, achieved over 40% negotiated value, and significantly lifted web traffic from the Chicago market.

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