Branding and Event Marketing for the Gaels

One thing we love about working with faith-based colleges is defining how we speak about their time-honored values and heritage in ways that appeal to anyone who would benefit from what that college has to offer. For Iona College, a private, four-year Catholic school in New Rochelle, New York, we had the privilege of writing its brand pillars, exploring its Christian Brothers tradition, helping the team roll out the new messaging internally, and then spreading the word to the public through a variety of means. Of all the work we did with Iona, some of the most tremendous successes we saw centered on the event-based media CCA planned and executed for its undergraduate Summer Preview Day and Open House events; Accepted Students Day; graduate events; and weekly transfer events as well.

  • +41%

    Registration for Accepted Student Day event increased by 41%.

  • +33%

    The College came in 33% higher than their 2016 deposit goal.

  • 2x

    The number of admits for transfer students doubled from 2015 to 2016.

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