New Brand, New Logo, & More for Moore College of Art & Design

Among the many things that make Moore College of Art & Design such a special institution is their very niche audiences. Founded in 1848 as the first and only all-women’s art and design school in the nation, Moore College in Philadelphia is truly a place for women (and in their graduate programs, men too) who seek to professionalize their creativity. Who want the confidence, skills, and connections that will turn their artistic talents into well-paying jobs with world-changing impact. Their alumni, in fact, range from the first woman to design a postage stamp to Project Runway winners and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers.

So for CCA, a creative agency ourselves, it was a real honor to be given the important assignment of rebranding Moore and reintroducing them to the world. Our work thus far has included qualitative and quantitative research, creating a new brand platform, new logo and tagline, updated color palette and typeface, producing over a dozen print pieces and launching a brand awareness and enrollment media campaign in key markets. Perhaps the best part throughout it all is their permission to us to go big, think unconventionally, and play with a lot of color.

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