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CCA and Philadelphia University go way back. Before the institution merged with Thomas Jefferson University to create Jefferson (a comprehensive university and current CCA partner), PhilaU was among the most innovative schools in the country, reimagining the future of work and academics. Through its signature approach to education, Nexus Learning, Jefferson continues to produce remarkable graduates by teaming up students from across disciplines to work together on real projects for outstanding industry partners. Think Target, Verizon, Isaac Mizrahi, and NASA.

Our work together ran the gamut from viewbooks to parent pieces, content marketing to holiday cards, commencement videos to email nurture streams, postcards, and beyond. After all that, it was an honor for us to help PhilaU take the necessary steps to rebrand and merge with Jefferson in a way that respected PhilaU’s legacy and stakeholders—and, at the same time, generated excitement for what lay ahead.

  • +20%

    20% increase in campus visits.

  • +20

    20-point increase in Applicant’s SAT scores.

  • +30%

    30% increase in undergraduate applications.

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