Wheaton College, the top-ranked Christian liberal arts college located in Wheaton, IL presented CCA with a unique challenge: Leverage two years of discovery and research the College had completed into the development of a compelling and differentiating brand. On the surface, nothing unusual at all for CCA, so why call it a challenge? CCA pitched, won, and successfully executed these deliverables during the global pandemic, and in record time.

Like many institutions across the nation, Wheaton was witnessing increased market competition. Their goals for this project were to construct a visual and narrative brand architecture and positioning strategy that would effectively engage its target audiences to promote and protect the Wheaton brand and improve key enrollment measures. 

So, we got to work in March 2020, without ever stepping foot on campus. Thus far, that work has included developing a robust brand architecture and messaging platform, a refreshed institutional identity/logo, a new brand style guide, a brand launch and media strategy, the accompanying media creative, and a full suite of supporting enrollment print communications, currently in production. 

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