75 Blog Post Topics For College Admissions Blogs

September 22, 2020

Need some blog post topics for your college’s or university’s admissions blog? Here are 75 working titles and topics to get you thinking. Adjust as you see fit and get going. (And remember to shake up format: text, infographics, videos, guides.)

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Academics-Related Blog Post Topics

  1. Course Spotlight Series: [Insert Cool Course Title Here]
  2. X Reasons to Study [Insert Major Here] at [College Name Here]
  3. New Program Alerts
  4. Q&A With Professor Series
  5. Q&A With Current Student Series
  6. What “Research” Looks Like at [College Name Here]
  7. Hands-On Project Spotlight
  8. New Award or Accolade
  9. What Makes Our [Program Name] Program Different
  10. “Why I Chose [College Name Here]”

Outcomes-Related Blog Post Topics

  1. Where Our [Insert Program Here] Grads Work Now
  2. The Only Statistics about [Your College Here] That You Need to Know
  3. Job Outlook Series
  4. Career Paths for [Insert Field Here]
  5. Q&A With Alumni Series
  6. Q&A With Employer Series
  7. Fireside Chat with Our Career Counselors
  8. Our Grads in the News: A Round-Up
  9. A Day in the Life of [Insert Grad Name & Title Here]
  10. X Questions to Ask About Outcomes

Campus Visit-Related Blog Post Topics

  1. How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visits
  2. X Things to Look For During Campus Visits
  3. X Questions That’ll Surprise Your College Tour Guide
  4. X Things to Take Home With You From College Visits
  5. X Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Colleges
  6. Open House vs. Campus Tour vs. Personal Visit
  7. How to Impress Admissions While Visiting Campus
  8. Why Campus Visits Matter
  9. “My Favorite Spot on Campus”
  10. X Hidden Gems on Our Campus

Student Life

  1. X Social Accounts to Follow to Get to Know [College] Life
  2. Where Students Eat Series
  3. Where Students Have Fun Series
  4. Club/Organization Spotlight
  5. Our Top Instagrams from the Past Year
  6. Our Favorite Tweets About [College Name Here]
  7. The Truth About Housing/Roommates/Food/Etc at [College Name Here]
  8. X Things to Ask Current Students
  9. Interviews with Mental Health Counselors/Coaches/Chefs, Etc.
  10. Why Traditions Matter (And What Ours Are Like)


  1. X Ways to Pay For College You Haven’t Thought About
  2. Financial Aid Terms: Explained
  3. FAQs About Financial Aid & Cost
  4. X Outside Scholarships You Can Apply To Right Now
  5. Meet Our Financial Aid Wizards
  6. Tales from the Financial Aid Office: We’ve Heard It All
  7. Surprising Work-Study Jobs at [College Name Here]
  8. Student Stories about Scholarships They’ve Received
  9. How to Understand Your Financial Aid Package
  10. Financial Aid Deadlines You Cannot Afford to Miss

Current Events

  1. How Our Students Stepped Up During the Pandemic (And yes, you should address the pandemic.)
  2. FAQs About Our Response to the Pandemic
  3. Professor [Name Here] On How the Pandemic Is Affecting Our [Insert Topic Here]
  4. Our Republican Club & Our Democrat Club Talk [Insert Topic Here]
  5. Research Project Spotlights
  6. New Course Details That Hit On Current Events
  7. Scenes From Our Campus During the Time of Covid
  8. Where [Your College Name] Students Get Their Political News
  9. How Our Students Are Tackling Climate Issues
  10. X Ways Our Students Stay Up To Speed


  1. Examples of Essays That Worked
  2. X Application Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
  3. FAQs About Our Transfer Process
  4. Test-Optional: But Is It Really?
  5. X Biggest Interview Blunders You Want to Avoid
  6. 10 Things You Can Ask Your Admissions Counselor
  7. Does Admissions Keep Track of Your Visits?
  8. X Ways to Impress Our Admissions Committee
  9. Should You Write the Optional Essay?
  10. How to Keep Your Applications Organized & In On Time

Just for Fun

  1. [Insert Holiday Here] at [Your College Name]
  2. What We Don’t Want You to Know About [Your College Name]
  3. Our College Traditions, In GIFs
  4. Myths, Folklore, & True Stories Spotlight
  5. X Weird Things That Don’t Make Sense On Our Campus (But We Love Them Anyway)

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