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Maybe you don’t have an RFP in hand just now. Or you’re just not ready for a whole new relationship right this minute. That’s okay. The greatest of partnerships begin with strangers talking. Odds are, we can fill that conversation with a case study or an anecdote with direct relevance to your current challenges. That’s worth a conversation, isn’t it?

By and large, we’re a group of truly approachable people who honestly enjoy working with higher education professionals. Just reach out, it’s a no risk proposition and we’ll be glad to meet you.

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Great partnerships take flight over time, but have to start somewhere. One of the nicest things about a new one is the surprising clarity fresh talents and personalities can add to your perspective. A major differentiator of CCA is how our people naturally form personal connections with clients, sharing our own experience and understanding of the particular pressures and challenges inherent with higher education.

Feel free to call and talk with us one-on-one, as well as submitting an RFP for your immediate needs. We look forward to meeting you.

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