Case Study: Experiential Marketing for College Open Houses

January 03, 2020

Experiential Marketing Case StudyExperiential marketing can do what no other channel or tactic can: change a relationship from being simply transactional to a personal connection that is emotional and transformative. That’s the single best way to look at any campus visit experience.

From large admissions events to one-on-one tours, these are your opportunities to bring your brand to life and show prospects exactly what it means to be a [insert your mascot here].

Compound that with our data that shows campus visits are serious conversion-makers, there’s no reason (not even budget) to rethink your visit strategy.

That brings us to our case study with our longtime partner, Siena College. Working with both their marketing and admissions team, YES—TOGETHER!, CCA helped redesign the college’s Open House experience and the results are amazing. Get it now and see:

  • The return on investment (we’re talking real numbers here)
  • Our process and the ideas Siena ran with
  • Photos from their new Open House, and how it carried over to other admission events

If you have a marketing
problem, we’ve got a solution. Let’s have a conversation.


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