CCA Named to The Agency Arsenal’s “Top 10 Higher Education Marketing Agencies” List

February 16, 2021
We tend to be a humble bunch at CCA, but at the same time, we want prospective clients to know where we stand in the world of higher education marketing agencies. You want to know you’re working with a respected, successful agency, right? And there’s no better proof of that than word-of-mouth and third-party credibility.
Best Higher Education Marketing Agency Badge
That’s why we’re thrilled that The Agency Arsenal—a top-of-the-SERP site for higher education marketing agency rankings—named CCA to their list of the “Top 10 Higher Ed Marketing Agencies of 2021.”
Founder Chris Getman told us: “When we created our list of the top higher education marketing agencies, we did the evaluation from the position of having actually worked in agencies for years. We know how agencies operate and we know what it takes to deliver great work. This perspective helped us choose agencies that not only deliver great work within the higher ed space, but that have demonstrated they have the talent and culture required to do so.”
He says CCA made the list for many reasons—like our focus on strategy and creative, and our extensive marketing portfolio of over 80 college and university clients. “You don’t develop a portfolio like that overnight.” (Agreed.)
Thanks to The Agency Arsenal for recognizing CCA!
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