Quick Turnaround Services for Higher Education Marketers as COVID-19 Continues

April 30, 2020

As higher ed marketers who work with a number of institutions, we recognize how difficult this era of Covid-19 time is for all of you in-house at a college or university. It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming. There are so many decisions to make. So many what-ifs, and lots of limited resources.

We’re watching the news and reading both the heartwarming and heartbreaking conversations in the Chronicle’s private Facebook group, thinking about the future right there with you—and brainstorming ways we might be able to help.

So that’s what you’ll find below: just a few ideas on how CCA can be of service to you to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in our current virtual landscape and continue to engage prospective and admitted students.

Whether you’re completely new to CCA or perhaps we’ve worked together in the past, we’d love to hear from you. And if you need anything not on this list, we’re all ears.

Presentation Makeovers

You know all those presentation slides your faculty and staff use for virtual information sessions and admission events? Consistency and quality design across the board is key for in-person events, but especially for virtual events when the “leave meeting” button is easy for attendees to click. If redoing those is a huge undertaking for your team right now when you need to focus on other Covid-19 efforts, send them to us. We can:

  • Adjust fonts and palettes as necessary to align with your brand guidelines
  • Provide consistent opening slides, closing slides, section breaks, headers, and footers for each presentation
  • Implement a consistent framework across presentations, including margins, columns, general content layout, and headline, subhead, and body copy conventions

We did this recently for Thomas Jefferson University; below is just one example of a cover slide we redesigned on their behalf:


Higher Ed Covid-19 Services


Higher Ed Covid-19 Services

Zoom Backgrounds

While we’re at it, we’d be happy to develop backgrounds that your faculty and staff can use on those virtual events, as well as backgrounds faculty and current students could feel free to use during their video classes.

Here’s a couple we whipped up for Siena College:

Siena College
Siena College

Long-Scroll Landing Pages

With in-person visits not an option and print production not as easy as it was pre-pandemic, consider what a standalone landing page can do for you. A page that’s free of distractions, informative, and visually appealing is easily shareable and can really help your prospective or admitted students dive deeper into a specific topic. How about something like:

  • An infographic-like page that showcases all the awesome things about your campus’s location—like this one that we did for Alfred University (pictured below)
  • An interactive page on wellness resources or financial aid opportunities
  • A guide to campus traditions that admitted students can look forward to
Higher Ed Covid-19 Services

A Virtual Campus Tour Video

If Covid-19 is keeping visitors away from your higher ed institution, consider this: Pairing your existing footage and photography with new VO, a new script, and new motion graphics, CCA can put together a virtual campus tour that brings to life your website’s campus map. That’s what we did here with Jefferson’s East Falls campus:

Media Creative to Drive to Your Virtual Events & Tours

Just like for your in-person events, it’s important to drive registrations and attention to your virtual events and tour opportunities. The good news is, many of our partners are reporting higher attendance to the virtual events that we’re promoting for them through media, versus their previously held in-person events. We can work with your existing media plan (or help you create a new one) and change up the messaging and design on social and display ads as necessary, like we did for  St. Mary’s College of Maryland:

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We always like to say we’re an extension of our college and university partners’ teams, and during this unprecedented time in the history of our world, we’d be honored to lend a hand to yours too.

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