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How it Feels to Work at a Higher Education Ad Agency During Back-to-School Season (in Gifs)

It’s back-to-school season here at CCA, and we’re seriously ready for it. Coffee? Check. Mood boards? Check. Late-night creative brainstorming plus MORE COFFEE? Check check check. Gif roundup to capture the experience? QUADRUPLE CHECK. Here we go: When you find out summer melt didn’t affect any matriculation numbers.   When all this talk of Homecoming […]

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The 38 ‘Best Buy’ Colleges and Universities in 2018, According to the Fiske Guide

The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2018 has named 38 institutions as “best buy” colleges and universities—including our clients Spelman College and Alfred University. The Guide ranks institutions based on their commitment to provide what Abigail Summerville of CNBC calls “reasonable tuition.” Edward Fiske, author of the Guide and previously the education editor at the New York Times, annually reviews more than 300 […]

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The Inside Scoop with CCA’s ACD of Brand: Beth Mickalonis

Beth Mickalonis is that super cool, punk rock chick that you don’t know if you can—but really want to—talk to in high school. Her hair is purple, her clothes are stylishly hip, and she’s got an eye for art. Luckily for us, she’s also one of the sweetest (though sometimes saltiest) ladies in the office. […]

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Turning Your Higher Ed Institution Into a Lifestyle Brand

Higher education institutions are becoming lifestyle brands. Yet today’s higher education communication programs seem to have fallen into the proverbial rut. Year after year, we see the same old things being recycled, as they try to get a critical mass of 17-year-olds to choose one learning institution over another. The days of treating college marketing material […]

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CCA’s Summer Beach Reads

It’s summer, and everyone’s thinking about one thing: the beach, and whether it’s time to turn the AC on. For us at CCA, thoughts of the beach come with what we’ll be reading. We polled our team to get a few ideas about what to read in our beach chairs—with our feet up, our sunscreen […]

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