Quick Takes: The Craziest Thing Greg’s Designed & More

January 25, 2022

There are so many reasons to love working with Senior Art Director Greg Leguire.

In addition to his kindness, collaborative spirit, and unlimited patience (you’ll never hear him complain—we actually don’t think he knows how), his award-winning artistic talent is off the charts. From graphic design to creative concepting to illustration to printmaking, Greg does many things and does them extremely well.

Meet Greg!

Your college & major:
The College of Saint Rose, BFA Graphic Design

How many years doing what you do:
I have been working in the creative industry for about eight years now, all of which have been focused in higher education.

How you got your start in design:
I had an internship in Burlington, VT at Select Design. It was a great experience that taught me a ton about working efficiently and quickly. I enjoyed working with clients like the band Phish, University of Vermont, Ben and Jerry’s, and a ton of breweries, restaurants, and small businesses. 

Your favorite thing about working in higher ed:
Producing creative work that helps students find their right fit institution is something I can proudly stand behind. On-campus photoshoots are always great as well.

Craziest thing you’ve been asked to design:
The craziest thing I’ve been asked to design would have to be a billboard for a cybersecurity program. I ended up also being the talent for the photo on the billboard and had to dress up in full make-up as a clown. Needless to say I’ve hung up the costume for good.

Best professional advice you’ve received:
Trust your gut. 

What makes CCA’s creative team rock:
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Honestly though, every creative team member I have ever worked with at CCA has always been extremely hard working and genuinely cared about the work we produce for our partners. I’ve learned so much from every one of them along the way.

Biggest design pet peeve:
Low resolution images.

Favorite project you’ve ever worked on:
I’d have to say the Concordia University-Portland EdD and MEd welcome kits

Most memorable CCA memory:
Probably going on my first ever photoshoot. I was very nervous, but at the same time, it was a great experience that I will never forget. 

Last book you read:
“Kitchen Think: A guide to design and construction from refurbishing to renovation” by Nancy R. Hiller.

Top bucket list item:
Visiting Puerto Rico. My wife grew up there and I would love to experience it for myself.

Fun fact about you:
In my free time, I enjoy woodworking and home renovation projects.

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