Case Study: Marketing the Boston College MBA

May 13, 2020

BC case study MBA marketingIf you’re going to fill seats, you have to fill your funnel. That was the task at hand when Boston College’s Carroll School of Management contacted CCA.

At the time, demand for an MBA in the heavily competitive Boston higher education market had been in a downturn for almost a decade—but Boston College is a name employers respect, and their MBA deserves the attention it’s worth.

Their initial ask was quite specific: they came to us with a need to make an immediate (six-week!) impact on their part-time MBA program and asked us to run a radio campaign for this purpose.

Always wary of single-vehicle media buys, we suggested a different route.

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  • How we accomplished their immediate MBA enrollment goals
  • What happened when we flipped the funnel
  • The outstanding results, with numbers for enrollments, favorability rating, impressions, and more

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