Quick Takes: Meghan’s Most Memorable Professional Advice & More

October 13, 2022

Asks all the right questions. Circles back. Thinks strategically. Closes the loop.

That’s Meghan Kiely, CCA’s super buttoned-up and incredibly easy-to-work-with Account Executive. When she’s not on the road visiting clients, she’s in her hometown of Rochester, switching back and forth between projects like a pro. (And a Class Clown? Read on.)

Meet Meghan.

Your college & major: 
The College of Saint Rose, Communications (Minor: Business Administration)
Nazareth College, Master’s in Integrated Marketing and Communication

What you love about working in higher ed: 
The uniqueness each college or university has! I love learning about what sets them apart from the rest of the world: their traditions, students, location. No client is the same, and that keeps me excited about working with every one of them.

Distinguishing characteristics of CCA’s client services team: 
Every member of the client services team takes time to get to know their clients on not only a professional level, but also more importantly, a personal level. I truly feel that this team goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients think of us more like an extension of their own team. 

Biggest client services misconception: 
Oh, anyone can do client services! Hard no. A role like this is definitely not for everyone—we work with so many different personalities and work styles on both the client-facing side and internally; we have to know how to navigate it all so that everyone is happy from start to finish.

Describe the ideal client:
This is a tough one! Ideal clients are those who want to work WITH us. The best outcomes come from clients who are invested in the work we are doing, who ask questions, who help us understand their school inside and out—and most of all,  are willing to allow us to be creative and try new things. 

Special client memory: 
I recently had the opportunity to work on a photo shoot for one of our clients in Rhode Island where we got to watch the sunset over Bristol Harbor and the sunrise the next morning over Mt. Hope Bay. We were all so exhausted that morning when we arrived, but as soon as the sun started peeking up, it made it all worth it, and the photos were stunning! 

Most memorable professional advice you’ve ever received: 
“There’s no growth in your comfort zone, and no comfort in your growth zone.” 

Favorite podcasts:
My top two are Absolutely Not with comedian Heather McMahan and We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle.

How would you describe the CCA team: 
Fiercely passionate about our clients, our creativity, our strategy, our relationships, and delivering the best for our clients every time. 

How the CCA team would describe you:
A hybrid of Jerry Seinfeld and Pam Beasley, the GIF queen, someone who loves to make people laugh, appreciates organized processes, and a hard worker who makes sure her clients get what they need on time.

Fun fact about you: 
I was voted “Class Clown” as my senior superlative in high school after performing a skit for field day reenacting a classic SNL Chris Farley skit as his character Matt Foley. Any time I see people from high school (teachers included), they still talk about it! 

Favorite place to order a garbage plate in Rochester:


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