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What Was Your Favorite Course in College?

Whenever we get to know a new partner college or university, we love digging into their course listings to find out what they offer that goes beyond the expected. Those courses that friends tell each other about, the ones you have to take, the ones with stellar professors who bring the material to life in entertaining ways—that’s the […]

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An Inside Look at Client Service at CCA

In DBA’s 2022 “What Clients Think” report, which is based on 600 client interviews conducted on behalf of agencies, you’ll find this stat: 62 percent of clients would have liked more coverage of client service and process in the pitch presentation. Our response to that? At CCA, we are very big on client service. In […]

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Quick Takes: Heidi’s Secret to Staying Organized & More

It takes a truly organized and efficient person to steer the projects on our never-slowing-down ship. For that, we have Heidi Basso, our Director of Project Management, to thank. Bringing nearly 20 years of project management experience to the table, Heidi is the master of workflows and keeps the creative, account, media, and digital teams […]

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Quick Takes: The Coolest Media Campaign Darcy’s Worked On & More

CCA truly wouldn’t be where it is today without our Executive Vice President, Darcy Sokolewicz. Before joining the CCA team, Darcy worked at the top two advertising agencies in Boston—Mullen and Arnold—where her clients included Volkswagen, L.L. Bean, and Goodyear, among MANY others. At CCA, she’s our media mastermind with a head full of ideas, […]

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Quick Takes: Lauren’s Advice for Working With An Agency & More

It’s impossible to partner with CCA and not get to know Lauren Herrington, our Vice President of Client Services.  At the helm of our client services team, Lauren is as outgoing, supportive, and personable as they come. When she’s not meeting virtually or in-person with a client, she’s thinking of them. When she’s not taking […]

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