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How to Embrace Diversity and Inclusion on Your College Campus

These days, just about every college and university has made a public commitment to diversity and inclusion. And for obvious reasons. Diverse campuses result in students who see a broader range of perspectives and possibilities, who can think more critically and with more nuance, and begin their adult lives with a deeper well of compassion […]

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Case Study: Experiential Marketing for College and University Open Houses

Experiential marketing can do what no other channel or tactic can: Change a relationship from being simply transactional to a personal connection that is emotional and transformative. That’s the single best way to look at any campus visit experience. Or any interaction with your prospective students, really. From large admissions events to one-on-one tours, these […]

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Need a New College or University Logo? Here’s Why Font Matters

Is your institution’s logo or identity system ready for a makeover? One of our biggest pieces of advice for colleges and universities throughout this process is this: Be intentional about the font you select. Take it from the perspective of a brilliant creative who has dedicated her career to type design: Sibylle Hagmann. CCA came […]

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Sound Smarter at Your Next Meeting

In every single one of CCA’s newsletters, we include a few “Sound Smarter” nuggets that feature stats, facts, survey results, advice, and insights all higher education marketers should know. Our motivation? Just to help! We know you’re busy—preparing for a board meeting, buttoning up a yield strategy, comparing app numbers YoY, and everything in between. […]

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New Partner Spotlight: Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame

CCA is excited to work with Saint Mary’s College, a private Catholic women’s liberal arts college in Notre Dame, IN. This 177-year old college has a history of empowering women to make a difference in the world, and we can’t wait to join them in this mission.  We’ll begin our work together with messaging and […]

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