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[Infographic] 10 Essential Tips for Online Teaching During the Pandemic

As a result of the Coronavirus disease outbreak, nearly every college and university professor is having to move their instruction online. For many, that’s uncharted territory. For others, they may have experience teaching online—but certainly not during a pandemic. The good news is: through compassion, open-mindedness, and guidance, we can all ride this wave together. […]

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An Admitted Students Day Alternative in Light of the Coronavirus

With the increasing spread of the Coronavirus nationwide, colleges and universities are balancing the demands of a competitive admissions landscape and yield season with the safety and well-being of their prospective students and families and that of their own campus community. That leaves institutions with a very big question… Do we cancel our spring events? […]

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Check Out Our 2020 ADDY Award Winners

This year’s ADDY Awards show was one for the books. The theme was all about the 90s (we were seated at Table “Jagged Little Pill,” love you, Alanis), there was NO snow on the ground (finally!), and we took home four shiny new ADDY awards (woot!). Special thanks to the Capital Region Advertising Federation for […]

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The Flip Side of NACAC Changes: Student Retention

By Melissa Fiorenza   When the recent NACAC changes inevitably come up in conversation among higher ed professionals, the strategies usually first discussed are those that I like to call being “on the offense.” Things like: offering enticing Early Decision incentives (first choice housing, first dibs on class selection, premier parking spot for freshman year, […]

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Case Study: Experiential Marketing for College Open Houses

Experiential marketing can do what no other channel or tactic can: change a relationship from being simply transactional to a personal connection that is emotional and transformative. That’s the single best way to look at any campus visit experience. From large admissions events to one-on-one tours, these are your opportunities to bring your brand to […]

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