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75 Blog Post Topics For College Admissions Blogs

Need some content ideas for your college’s or university’s admissions blog? Here are 75 working titles and topics to get you thinking. Adjust as you see fit and get going. (And remember to shake up format: text, infographics, videos, guides.) Want a list tailored specifically to YOUR institution? Email Melissa Fiorenza, our AVP of Content […]

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New CCA, Same CCA: See What’s Happening at Our Agency

Whether you’re new to our Troy, NY-based higher education marketing agency or have worked with CCA for years, we wanted to fill you in on a few things we’ve been up to over the past year. New leadership: In 2019, Daniel Kehn became President and Darcy Sokolewicz became Executive Vice President—ushering in an exciting new […]

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Case Study: Marketing the Boston College MBA

If you’re going to fill seats, you have to fill your funnel. That was the task at hand when Boston College’s Carroll School of Management contacted CCA. At the time, demand for an MBA in the heavily competitive Boston higher education market had been in a downturn for almost a decade—but Boston College is a […]

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Quick Turnaround Services for Higher Education Marketers as COVID-19 Continues

As higher ed marketers who work with a number of institutions, we recognize how difficult this time is for all of you in-house at a college or university. It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming. There are so many decisions to make. So many what-ifs, and lots of limited resources. We’re watching the news and reading both the […]

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The 2020 Educational Advertising Award Winners Are In!

When it comes to our finished work, what gives us the most sense of accomplishment are the results. When we hit our client partners’ goals—and better yet, exceed them—that’s what we celebrate first and foremost. However, that certainly doesn’t mean we aren’t absolutely thrilled when our industry recognizes the work we’ve produced. And this year, […]

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