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How Your College Can Use TikTok Without Trying Too Hard to Be Cool

When someone on your college or university’s marketing team brings up TikTok as a new way to connect with students and prospective students, there’s a good chance that what follows is a moment of awkward silence, right? Someone says they will look into how to use it effectively, and the conversation ends there. Because let’s […]

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Quick Takes: Kiera’s Fondest Client Memory and More

Our team at CCA may be small, but our collective experience in marketing spans far and wide. Take our Account Supervisor, Kiera Lacy, for instance. Kiera brings to CCA all the knowledge she’s gleaned from her days at Saatchi & Saatchi, Media Logic, and the Patient Experience Project, all the decision-making skills of a client […]

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[Survey] 10 Questions for Higher Ed Marketers

When it comes to viewbooks, spring events, media, and everything in between, we’re curious. You’re curious. So how about a lightning-fast 10-question survey? If you work at a college or university, we invite you to answer these 10 questions below, anonymously. We’ll publish the results for all to see in just a few days. Thanks!

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Quick Takes: Colleen’s Favorite Font and More

Partnering with CCA means working with the best of the best. That includes Colleen Hukey, our Art Director. Colleen is ridiculously knowledgeable on all things digital design and obsesses over metrics, results, and best practices to make sure everything she touches or reviews leads to connections and conversions. Get to know Colleen Hukey, Art Director, […]

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