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Quick Takes: Colleen’s Favorite Font and More

Partnering with CCA means working with the best of the best. That includes Colleen Hukey, our Art Director. Colleen is ridiculously knowledgeable on all things digital design and obsesses over metrics, results, and best practices to make sure everything she touches or reviews leads to connections and conversions. Get to know Colleen Hukey, Art Director, […]

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Athletic Identity Makeover: The Cougars of Saint Xavier University

This one’s for you, athletic departments! In our Athletic Identity Makeover series, take a look at some work we’ve completed for various colleges and universities over the years. You’ll see that, to us, an athletic identity is about much more than just a look. It’s about demeanor. Pride. And courage. First up: The Cougars of […]

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Case Study: Best Practices & Tips for Digital Creative

You can have the strongest media plan ever, but if your creative assets aren’t top-notch, it’ll all be for naught. Need to brush up on best practices and get some new ideas? The creative—along with the media strategy— that we produced to promote Thomas Jefferson University’s MPH program generated over 1,600 leads in just 8 […]

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10 Radical (Maybe Ridiculous, Maybe Effective) Marketing Ideas for Higher Ed We’d Love to Work On

To know CCA is to know we eat higher ed marketing ideas for breakfast. Probably our favorite ask from any client is: “What are your ideas for…” And at least once in every single internal meeting, you’ll hear one of us say: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” And sometimes, those ideas are ridiculous. But you […]

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3 Ways Not Having Detailed Personas Can Cause Trouble

Imagine signing up for an online matchmaking site and stumbling upon someone whose profile is blank except for an attractive picture. But there’s no description, no “must love” requirements, not a hint of “long walks on the beach.”  You wouldn’t reach out, would you? You have nothing to base a conversation on so you’re not […]

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